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New Orleans Inspiration for Deceived, Introducing Black Raven

My debut novel, Deceived, is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city that I’ve lived in and around all of my life. More than a setting, the city defines the mystery elements, the backstory for the characters, and the logic behind how the story unfolded. Here’s a glimpse of some New Orleans-based inspiration:

Roux Reveals . . .

Midnight; in vehicle, en route to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, where Agent Jesus (“Zeus”) Hernandez will depart for Paris, France; commencing the job that will become Jigsaw, A Black Raven Novel. {Interview by Roux Barcelona, Papillon, AP Field Correspondent} Roux: Hello, Agent Hernandez. I’m Roux Barcelona. I appreciate you talking to me despite the… READ MORE

Black Raven

Introduced in Deceived, Black Raven Private Security Contractors is featured more prominently in my work in progress, Shadows. Black Raven handles problems that others can’t solve.  They do it capably and efficiently. They protect, when no one else can. It’s what they do.